And Now We Have A Dev Blog...

“As an indie developer/graduate student, it is sometimes hard to keep up with all the various social media requirements of "making it" as an indie. You have to have Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, a blog, and a bunch of other various social media outlets in order to draw attention to not only you but the games you are trying to promote. I find that sometimes this gets in the way of actual content creation as you spend so much of your time spinning an administrative vortex. For a small team, it really is a tall order to fill. That is why for a while I chose not to document my ventures as an indie (which includes the formation of this company), however, recently one of the projects we were working on this past fall (Unboxed VR) was accepted into a game festival in Vienna, called The Big Indie @ Reversed. This to me acted as affirmation that I was doing and focusing on the right things but now that our game will be in front of more people AND we have additional projects coming up the pipeline people may be interested in my (and my teams) experience trying to "make it" in indie development (while still being in graduate school)…” 

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